International Pigeon Organizations

National Pigeon Association - Great Britain
Canadian Racing Pigeon Union
Pigeons In Russia
International Federation (IF)
American Racing Pigeon Union (AU)
World of Wings Pigeon Center
World Pigeon Center
National Birmingham Roller Club
German NPA
The Canadian Pigeon Fanciers Association
National Birmingham Roller Club
The American Dove Association

Specialty Clubs
These clubs are affiliated with the National Pigeon Associati

American Carneau Association
American Dragoon Club 

American Friends of the Brunner Cropper Club 
American Giant Homer Association
American Komorner Tumbler Club 
American Helmet Assn.
American King Club   
American Lahore Club 
American Mookee Association 
American Pigmy Pouter Club
American Show Racer Association Club 
California Indian Fantail Club   
Central Fantail Club 
Chinese Nasal Tuft Club of America
Eastern Fantail Club 
Eastern Oriental Frill Club      
Evergreen German Owl Club   
Old German Owl Association 
Giant Runt Club of America 
Indian Fantail Club of America 
Indian Fantail Club of America Junior
International Bokhara Trumpeter Club 
National Swiss Mondaine Club           
National English Trumpeter Club 

National French Mondain Assn.

National Modena Club 
National Pouter and Cropper Club
National West of England Tumbler Club 
North American Capuchine Club 
North American Wattled Breed Club
Pacific Tumbler Club
Rare Breeds Pigeon Club 
Southern California Indian Fantail Club 
Southern California King Club
Southern California American Show Racer and Giant Homer Club  

United Nun Club

United Oriental Roller Association

Voorburg Shield Cropper Club

Syrian Breed Clubs of America   
Texan Pioneer Assn., Intl
Western American Trumpeter Club